Five years in the making, the Webster Gateway Mural is a 2000sq ft mural to be painted by Oakland muralist, Dave Young Kim. Located on the north side of Ceron Kitchen (formerly Otaez) at 1619 Webster St., the expansive space and high traffic location will be transformational for this pivotal block on the edge of the historic district. With themes of local natural beauty, human connections to land and sea, and Webster Street's symbiotic relationship with Alameda Naval Air Station. The mural brings together symbols that unite our community with beautiful realism that define Dave Young Kim's style.A “Gateway Mural” on Webster Street has long been at the top of the West End Arts District bucket list. A strong public art statement to welcome people to the Island, and to the budding arts district.  In 2020, we invited 5 local muralists to submit proposals for the commission and started the search for the ideal site.

WEAD's work is driven by the knowledge that art brings people together, makes communities feel safer and stronger, and encourages empathy, inclusivity and creativity. Murals in particular can tell the community’s story, act as a visual landmark, increase foot traffic and tourism, and inspire appreciation for the arts and artists.

The Webster Gateway Mural will be a dramatic symbol declaring the arts as a central pillar to the future of the district. Help make this project happen by contributing and spreading the word.

DAVE YOUNG KIM (Lead Artist)

Dave Young Kim is a Korean-American, whose work deals with issues of integration and cultural assimilation. Winner of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Award, Kim specializes in spray painted works, many of which depict the rich and complex history of Korea.

Dave refers to himself as a community artist, meaning that he works hand-in-hand with the local community to create work that reflects and inspires them. His work on the Webster Gateway Mural will be the result of many hours spent talking to West End community members, learning about our history and absorbing the natural beauty and quirky character of our Island.

Dave has been painting murals for more than 15 years, his work can be found on streets and in businesses in his native Oakland and throughout the country.

The Webster Gateway Mural Project is sponsored by

supported by California Arts Council
Supported by WABA
Supported by SRMernst
Supported by ACAC
Supported by Kelly Lux State Farm