Public Art at the Point

After obtaining final approval from the City of Alameda Public Art Commission at their meeting on July 8, Alameda Point Partners (APP) can now confirm the public artworks commissioned for Site A at Alameda Point. After an open RFP and a lengthy selection process, APP has commissioned works by two East Coast artists: DeWitt Godfrey and Rodrigo Nava.

Rodrigo Nava is a Mexican American artist based in Vermont. His sculpture Alameda Afore will anchor the intersection of West Atlantic Avenue and Main Street, providing an iconic visual reference at the entry to Site A. Nava’s piece is a bold geometric triptych made of Cor-Ten weathering steel. His materials reference Alameda’s naval and manufacturing history, while the distinctive modern forms point to the robust new future that awaits.

DeWitt Godfrey’s Beken will be the focal point of the new Waterfront Park on Seaplane Lagoon. Standing approximately 32 feet high, Beken alludes to the tapering form of lighthouses, channel buoys, and frontier guard towers, but in a lighter, more transparent form. De Witt’s signature sculptures are made of stacked conical steel forms. They are bold and dynamic but also create intimate interior spaces that invite entry, exploration, and interaction. 

One of our dreams at West End Arts District is to see the massive, dramatic spaces of Alameda Point brought to life with powerful public art. Alameda Point is both rich with history and brimming with potential. The clean lines and imposing weight of the architectural heritage of the naval base make a compelling backdrop for art, and the wide-open spaces are an incredible luxury in the increasingly dense Bay Area. The Point is a district waiting to be redefined, and West End Arts District would love to see artists at the forefront of that process.

Both works are set to be unveiled in Spring 2021.